Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fill 'Er Up!

Station Cafe (formerly the Filling Station)

I just ate the most delicious vegan patty for lunch! Definitely NOT a boring sprouts stuck between two pieces of bread because I can't fathom what vegetarians really eat type sandwich. And it was so refreshing to find a casual cafe for lunch that offers creative vegetarian options. Notice that "s"? Yes, there were several options from which I could choose!

The patty was made with brown rice, lentils, and beets, with a few capers for added salt. It came out hot and fresh and was hardy and flavorful. It had a spicy aroma (sage or thyme maybe?). The bun was fresh and light, allowing the flavors of the burger to stand out. They dress the burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo (vegan), and mustard. Next time, I would skip the tomato (didn't mix well with the beet) and ask them to go light on the mustard.

The cafe is downtown in the King William district on S St. Mary's, and it is convenient to many downtown attractions, so I'll definitely head back next time I'm being a tourist.


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