Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best Fried Pickles Ever!

Broadway 50 50

There aren’t many bar food options out there for vegetarians, including this joint; even the devilled eggs have bacon in them! The only truly veggie options are appetizers, so don’t come expecting to have a full meal. But if you’re just interested in beer and snacks, then this spot gets the job done. The 50 50 is no Flying Saucer, but the drink list includes all the basics. Shiner was $3/pint, so the table ordered a round, and I ordered fried pickles. The service on the drinks was prompt, but the pickles took forever to arrive. I soon found that the wait was worth it. The pickles were fried to order, and they arrived piping hot and plentiful. So hot, in fact, that the first bite burned the roof of my mouth. Watch out! However, my minor injury was worth it. I’ve eaten quite a few fried pickles in my life (insert vulgar joke here), and these are the best! It was almost as if I were tasting for the very first time, like a fried-pickle virgin. The crispy shiner-batter was bursting with flavor, and the spicy ranch dressing adds just the right amount of heat. Nothing goes better with beer than fried, and no batter beats Broadway 50 50’s.
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