Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freetail Brewing Company

This bar is pretty far out of town for me, but I needed to pick up tickets to next week’s beer and cheese tasting, so I made the trek. The bar isn’t large, but it’s a little impersonal and generic, like chain instead of an intimate, local brewery.

Since we were there, my man and I decided to get drinks and munchies. While perusing the menu, I noticed that it was created with vegetarians in mind. Many items were marked as vegetarian, which as we all know is helpful for setting the mind at ease, because nothing is worse than ordering something only to take a bite and find bacon or whatnot inside.

So we ordered a ½ order of nachos, a rye wit for me, and PirateTail V for him. The drinks came out quickly, which was much appreciated. Belgian inspired, the rye wit is light bodied with rich flavors. I thought it had fruity hints, but the man said it tasted like prosciutto – but I wouldn’t know about that. The PirateTail V was thick and bitter, and my husband thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not long after we got the beers, the nachos came out. First off, I was excited to find nachos that didn’t include bacon, chili, or some other form of meat. Our ½ order of nachos was HUGE, more than enough to share, and they were smothered in black beans and cheese. Jalapenos, sour cream, and guac came on the side. It looked delicious, but once I dug in, I was more than a little disappointed. The nachos were practically tasteless. Even the guac was a little bland. I usually complain about food being too salty, but this plate suffered from a lack of salt. Luckily, the sour cream added tang.

Recommendation: They get points for a veggie friendly menu, and I’ve heard the pizzas are great, but based on the nachos, I can only recommend the beer.
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