Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Park Motel Cafe

Clean, simple flavors. Light but filling. Quiet, out of the way. Good espresso.
I love breakfast food as much as Ron Swanson loves, well, breakfast food. Pancakes, omelets, waffles, crepes, yogurt covered fruit, scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, crab cake eggs benedict: you name it, I ravenously devour it. So when I saw a LivingSocial deal specifically for breakfast, I nabbed it. And last weekend, my husband and I went to sate our hunger before the rodeo.

If it weren’t for the GPS, the café would be difficult to find. The address is listed as “Broadway,” but it is closer to Avenue B, which runs parallel between E Mulberry and Tuleta. If you are driving on Broadway, it is behind the Cheever Books, where if you are lucky, you will see the owner doing push-ups while smoking out front. Pass the book store, and drive all the way to the back of the complex. The Park Motel Café is nestled in the back.

The café was quiet when we entered, which I thoroughly enjoyed, because I don’t like too many stimuli early in the morning. We ordered our food at the counter, and then chose one of the few tables in the cozy shop. My husband’s coffee came out promptly, and he nursed it while we waited for our food. The two hardiest vegetarian options on the menu are the taquini and the panini, and they are both customizable.

The panini is pretty self explanatory, a grilled sandwich with an egg and up to four veggies. The taquini, is more or less a panini with tortillas instead of bread, which makes for a much lighter sandwich. My taquini was veggie filled and filling, but it didn’t leave me feeling weighted down. It was seasoned with just salt and pepper, simple but flavorful. My husband felt the same way about his panini.

Recommendation: Yes, for something simple, quiet, and out of the way.
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