Monday, February 13, 2012


Food: varied, lots of veggie options
Service: average
Atmosphere: bright and fun

While we were downtown visiting the Institute of Texan Cultures for Buffalo Soldier day, my husband and I happened upon this restaurant on S Alamo St. Apparently, this place is quite well known, but since we are new in town, so we were lured in mostly by the pink walls and a picture of Frieda Khalo holding a margarita that greeted us at the hostess stand. The restaurant was unusually busy for 3:30, but we were seated right away, which was a sign of the pleasant, efficient service to come.

The comp chips and salsa were great. The chips were hot and fresh and the salsa was smoky. To start we ordered a ½ order of the shrimp nachos, which was large enough to share. The chips had a wonderful texture, like puffy tacos. Each chip had one shrimp strategically placed ontop. The shrimp were grilled, tender, and a little garlicky. Delicious! Each chip was also sprinkled with diced tomatoes, cilantro, and onions and smothered with cheese. Crunchy and flavorful all the way through, these were some of the best nachos I’ve ever had.

These amazing nachos really built up my expectations for the main course; however, I felt a little let down. I had ordered the Enchiladas Mexicanas, corn tortillas filled with queso and covered in enchilada sauce and topped with potatoes and carrots. The fresh cheese filling was delicious, but the carrots and potatoes were really just a garnish and not an integral part of the dish, which was disappointing, because the dish could have used a little more depth of flavor. The enchilada sauce was a little greasy and a little too spicy for me (as evidenced by the sauce left on the side of my plate. The cabbage slaw was citrusy and refreshing at the end of dinner.

My husband had the chile relleno de pescado, and he was surprised at my lukewarm view of my dinner, because he thought his was delicious.

Recommendation: The vegetarian notations and their willingness to make vegetarian alternatives increase the number of options, which is more than most restaurants around here can say. I was a little disappointed, but there are plenty of options for everyone, so check it out.
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