Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beto's on Broadway

Food: fish tacos are yum!
Service: varied
Atmosphere: relaxed, friendly, neighborhood

I can’t believe I’m reviewing another Guy Fieri joint, but I guess he had good scouts in San Antonio! Beto’s is known for its fish tacos, and they are quite tasty. They include a generous portion of grilled fish, which is good news for anyone that isn’t in the mood for something heavy and fried. I’ve been there four times now, and in the past, the fish tasted quite good, but last night, it had a little previously-frozen texture to it. It also had more cabbage and less sauce than I am used to. The sauce is creamy and a little spicy, and it melds well with the smokey flavor left on the fish by the grill.

They also offer a veggie only taco filled with seasonal vegetables. I had it once and never went back. I give them props for creativity and thinking seasonally, but the vegetables just were just under cooked. A crunchy sweet potato just doesn’t have the flavor and aroma of a fully cooked one, not to mention that it is difficult to eat.

A salad is served with every taco, but it’s just lettuce and tomatoes. Their bland beans and rice don’t impress either. So skip the combos and order a la carte. The dessert empanadas are a little greasy but aren’t bad for a little restaurant.

The service has always been consistent: anywhere between ok and good, never terrible and never great. And for the money you spend, this kind of consistency is all you can really ask for.

Recommendation: Fish tacos: yes. Veggie tacos: skip ‘em.
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  1. The fish tacos are good, but I also enjoyed the Al Pastor -- porky goodness. Know that's not the scope of your blog, but wanted to throw that in there.